Sunday, February 16, 2014

House of Cards

If I were you, I wouldn't read this unless you've already binged on the season.

I knew a while ago that today's post would be about House of Cards. I even drew characters ahead of time. I thought to myself, "These characters will surely be vital. It should be safe to spend time on these." Well, turns out I miscalculated.

The season was good. There were some things I found questionable, but overall I was pleased with it. It's really cool to see what Netflix has done, and I look forward to see where they're going. Renewing the third season was one of the things I found questionable, though. I'm not outright disagreeing with it, they've got their prerogative, and they can see into the future of the plot, where I can only guess at it. Still, it would have been nice to see Frank fall.

Killing off Zoe was another thing I'm not sure I would have done, at least not where they chose to do it at. It was awesome, don't get me wrong. They pulled off the rest of the season without her, I admit. Still. Before it was Team Underwood vs Team Reporters. Underwood chopped the head off Team Reporters. Then it seemed like they had to invent enemies and situations to stand in his way to be knocked down. Yes, seeing how Frank overcame these obstacles was a huge portion of the entertainment value, but it felt like the show lost its antagonist. There was still conflict, but the figurehead of the opposition was quite literally hit by a train.

I'm impressed with how they shaped the show without her, but its definitely not something I would have done. I did like Frank's incognito get up though. The cinematography before the big event was also super cool. The drumming and the corner Frank drew her into were well chosen inclusions.

Remy's character became much more likable (and I liked him in the first place). I liked the character that adopted Frank's position as whip. I liked the strings Frank pulled and the hurdles he had to pull down with those strings. I am a big fan of Gavin's character, though I know not everyone is. Him and Rachel are the only two I can really see as being on the side of Team Reporters (though Skorsky could come back, Tusk is still potentially relevant, and watching them pull enemies from the woodwork as they did in this season, I'm sure they could drum up some others). Seth too. Seth is a great character. Very happy to have him aboard.

There were some fantastic scenes this season, but I loved the scene at the end of the first episode (Frank breaking the 4th for the first time in season two), and the end, when he tapped that freakin' ring.

I'd love to talk about it. So, comment or message, I'd be down to engage.