I write. I read. I watch. I play. I listen.
I'm interested in technology, fiction, games, music, and religion.

During high school I started writing in a journal, pretty often. Eventually it got filled, and I moved on to another, then another, and then another. I have about ten billion journals now, and they were intended to be read (for the most part) by you guys, by people of the future. So, here, on this very website, I post entries from my past self in addition to writing about writing, and sharing my thoughts on the things I readwatch, and play.

I've recently graduated from the University of Arizona with a BA in Creative Writing. I'm working on a novel, while searching for a job in social media, content development, advertising, or publishing.

I want this blog to be fun, so in addition to writing awesome posts, I'm going to do two things. A simple thing that I'll do is link words to fun stuff. I'll do my best to have the link be relevant to the word, but they won't be needed to get the general gist of the post.

The second thing that I'll do is make grammar mistakes. The goal is to find and correct them in the comments section below each post. The first person to comment with the correct correction will get a point. The Grammar Glory page shows player positions and explains the rules a little more.

Thanks for stopping by, you are truly appreciated.

-Justin Hicks