Sunday, February 23, 2014

Fountain Pen

The guys and I went to BJ's on Friday. Like we're ones to do, we didn't call ahead or anything, so we were met with a 40 minute wait. The last time we ate there the same thing happened, and we went to Toys 'R Us and walked around. That place is so much smaller now that I've gotten bigger.

This time we went to Hobby Lobby. That's a fun place to wonder around aimlessly. I enjoyed it more than Toys 'R Us. I got a fountain pen (under the prompting of Jack) and some sandpaper. Jack basically just said that they were cool, and I agreed, and then I bought one. I am very glad I did. They are a ton of fun to write with. I'm thinking of getting one that's a bit nicer.

I realized, while writing with my new fancy pen, that handwriting is sort of dissolving. Typing is faster, neater, and much more efficient. If you know me well you might imagine that's something I would be excited about. I've had a lot of trouble with my handwriting in the past. It was absolutely terrible and hindered my learning.

With a lot of effort I like to think I've overcome that, in a sense. My hand writing still isn't the most legible, but it's got personality and style (I think anyway). I've also noticed that the only times I'll hand write anymore are when I'm signing something, when I'm writing a quick note, or when I'm journaling. I imagine that, while that's not a lot of handwriting being done, that's still a lot more handwriting than a good portion of people do regularly.

I guess it's not really a huge deal. Handwriting has become more of a personal thing for me anyway. I guess I do it more for myself now and enjoy it for reasons I don't think other people would, and maybe for reasons they wouldn't even really understand. The fountain pen is extremely enjoyable to write with. I don't think I want to hand write with anything else ever again, though I'm certain I will.

I got the sandpaper because I've got some Tejava bottles I'd like to try to make into cups. They're fairly large, and I think it'd be fun to give it a shot.

I've finally gotten around to giving Hearthstone the attention its been asking for. I've finished with the tutorials and unlocked all the characters. I'm enjoying it a good bit right now. It's the best digital card game I know of, but we'll see how long my affinity for it lasts. There's a good chance this is just the honeymoon portion of a relationship poised to sour. Anyway, it's free. If you like card games, you should play a few rounds. I'd like to hear what you think about it.

P.S. Don't Google rotten.