Sunday, September 15, 2013


I shared this earlier this week, but kinda wanna talk about it a little. The idea behind Phonebloks is pretty cool. People go through a bunch of phones in a short amount of time. That creates a lot of waste, and it costs a lot of money. The reason people go through a lot of phones is because, well, they break to be honest. But the reason Phonebloks is saying people go through a lot of phones is because technology advances so fast. And new phones are awesome.

Phonebloks is a step toward phone permanency. A leap in technology is made? You can exchange the outdated part for the new one. Something breaks? You can keep your phone, just change out the broken part(s) (the screen).

I like it more for the opportunity to customize. PCs have parts that you can add and remove and upgrade. Smartphones are basically computers, why haven't we been given the option to build our own smartphone? I know the answer to that. It would be pretty neat though, and I think that Phonebloks may lead to a world where this is possible.

Innovation is a pretty cool thing. I'm appreciative to live in a time where technology is accelerating so quickly. Working on innovating technology in a world I'm developing is pretty difficult. Coming up with advancements, predicting the future, and making up stuff that doesn't (possibly can't) exist is fun, but takes some thinking.

Cars have changed a lot in my future. Artificial intelligence has made its way onto the stage, but are closer to Her's AI than say, Star Trek's. There's augmented reality and virtual reality, but I haven't thought up too much else. Not too unique, but I'm working on it.

I'm still sick.

I've got an interview tomorrow.