Sunday, August 4, 2013

Book 2, "My Life"

Once more I visit an entry that shows that I have changed.


-We all have the ability to create our own lives, let no one take that away

-We can write our own lives
Whose writing yours?

-When we truly loose all control over our lives, we are Doomed

Response (date unknown, but recent):
-Interesting. I've since embraced a loss of control of the pen that writes the words to my life.


I feel that I am merely a passenger on the ride that is my life. Occasionally I'll make a grab for the wheel, but usually I want to be curled up in the trunk, to be honest.

I'm not sure that I'd disagree with the first point. My answer to the second would be, "A better author than myself." To the third bullet, I would first try to explain to Past Justin the correct way to spell 'lose,' and hopefully he would retain that knowledge, so I wouldn't get embarrassed in college. Then, I'd tell him that I feel that to cede control of our lives is the only way to prevent doomnation (extremely clever play on damnation, I know).

The funny thing is, I don't think he'd rail against me. I think he'd hear me out. Would a conversation be had? Sure, in fact I hope we'd fall into debate. I'm not sure that he would change his mind immediately, but I think I could convince myself. I'm generally pretty good at that (not always a good thing).

I think drifting from this emphasis on my life being my life was a hugely positive thing. Of course it hasn't eradicated selfishness, I'm not sure that's possible, but it has given me a mindset of which I am very comfortable in and appreciative of.