Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Book 2, "I Like Girl Butts"

I wonder if I put too much emphasis on words in my life. I know I'm one of the many who is blessed with the curse of over thought, but words aren't the only mountain I mine for reason. Actions and inaction (and things that go unsaid) are all fuses to my spiraling mind. Events even act as a catalyst occasionally. Still, words are a huge part of my life, and I stress over them constantly.

I (try to) use them as a form of expression. I use words to communicate, to entertain, to bond, to relax, to learn. I'd like to use them to make money some day. I use them to sort things out in my life and in my head, and for so much more, like ordering ice cream. I imagine words mean more to all of us than we realize, they're extremely important and language is such a powerful tool. Without it we would be like a bird without wings, or maybe a fish without gills. Still, some people think we were better off as animals.

Words aren't everything though, not even with language. Sometimes words fail us. Actually, words fail us a lot of the time. Stupid words.

Here are some words which might have failed Past Justin.


     Where we can help through the air

     sometimes follow

Silent truths and gentle laughs together draw us the map to love

River wind sniff flower water

In my dream orchard tree catches Intellegent wave
born between ocean and land
                      Island and Forest
                      Sea and wood
                      Mountain and garden
                      I and world

I like girl butts
Night of fire
glowing rain storms
sing reblizards fall
to dark sky
leave fast
when everything is/says/lives quiet once upon a time

Never walk easy snow cried steam

Mirror music
remember seaborn
behind an artist


They might have failed him. It depends on what the words were meant to do. I can't remember, but I have a feeling it was cathartic. Words are cathartic. I want catharsis.

Oh well. I'm going to go dissolve into fiction.