Sunday, June 23, 2013

Book 2, "Untarnished"


As I rummage through the crumpled hearts And search through the worn out loves I try to find one untarnished and invinsible strong


As I rummage through the crumpled hearts
and comb through worn out loves
I try to find one untarnished
and strong


I feel uncomfortable talking about love here, in the presence of Past Justin. It feels like he knows so much more about it than me. I must have forgotten something somewhere. I must have learned something I shouldn't have.


liquid glass drips from your face
onto the mirror Below you
reflecting an image of something amazing
something great, needed by the world,
something important

This image means much to me
It inspires me on
Keeps me going
The image has over taken my brain
Nearly driven me mad

The image is something of beauty and grace
It is the most captivating image In all the universe
More so than stars, nebulas, galaxies or black holes
This image shines brighter than the Brightest star
will ever shine

the image is warm and inviting
Comforting and encouraging
The image seems rare
Unnoticed by the ones who don't care
But I care, and I have noticed

The image is you (love)


Liquid glass drips from your face onto the mirror floor
You stand on an image that is worth so much

What meets your feet is dear to me
But is passed by unnoticed by the busy

It is worn but inviting
It is rare but honest
It is difficult and diffusing

It is love
And it might be real


On an unrelated note, I bought groceries for the first time today. I admit, I've lived a privileged life, and I've admitted it before, but man... My parents have done so much for me, and haven't gotten back nearly enough gratitude. They're basically amazing.

Another non sequitur, check out Rogue Legacy if you're into video games.

I streamed Mark of the Ninja a few days ago. That was a great time, planning on doing that again here soon.

Wolves in the Garden is the song I'm currently obsessed with, and I'm trying very hard not to wear it out.

I saw the Tucson Improv Movement preform last night, and it was very funny. I recommend trying your hardest to catch a show, they're great people.

If you guys know of a good show/movie/book where a character sees someone (something) that the other characters do not, lemme know, that stuff interests me.

I'm going to go write, and look at the supermoon. Forgive my broken thoughts. I am not myself.