Sunday, June 30, 2013

Book 2, "Faces"

Making things with other people is great. Collaboration, to me, is enjoyable. Recently I've had the opportunity to exchange story ideas with a very old friend. It wasn't anything too in depth, but just the sharing was liberating and helpful. I also helped a buddy with a religious studies paper on the topic of what exactly religious studies is, and the best way to go about studying religion. I learned a lot, and the ever-constant itch to argue on an intellectual level was scratched.

Perspective is important, and while you can glean something enlightening from your past self (or leave something for your future self), sometimes someone with a completely different background will be able to solve a difficult problem with extreme ease, and often irritating grace. Don't be afraid to look for help.

I've got quotes on the mind right now. I'm making a folder of them for my desktop background to cycle through. It's a really fun project. If you have any favored quotes, please send them my way.

Here are some more examples of me collaborating with myself.


Faces Haunt my every thought
Me is them, they want to taunt
Me is them as a mirror
Or still lake, as interior
They is I they say to me
I will unlock eventually
Bricks walls are stacked built as a barrier wall
Intoxication should want fix them all
Those is us as us is them
In hope these words are in pen
Sanity is for the weak
So this I must not ever keep
And care is for the weaker still
To this I stop and wait untill

Who I am is who they are
And change seems quite very off afar
10/16/11 Cont.

But when it came
It came in stealth
and took me long to find myself
when I did I found it
But now I have it
and in repentant shame shame
I realize it was just a game
But eventually
I came to see

I am not them and they are not me
Only me and God are we
And I am in good company.


My favorite thing about that poem is, "In hope these words are in pen." They're not. They're in pencil. Ha.


                          2ed half doesn't fit
Some lives I see are paper thin
Some lives I see are have an unbearable win
When these lives are grasped with care
People tend to wonder where
Where the grasper seems to be
and weather life is meant for he
And when this grasper mends a change
The people tend to see it strange
And when strange is seen
Hearts are ripped from seams
People seem to seem mean
Personalities get mean turn to mean
Humans seem to dream
to dream and dream
to dream on and on
I wonder what Is going on
Is going on

Cont. 10/16/11

And ruind are the liver's dreams.


See, look at that. 10/16/11 Justin cut out the "2ed half doesn't fit" portion and solved the issue with a single line, I think pretty well. In addition to changing 'ruind' to 'ruined,' I would also throw a break after "The people tend to see it strange."