Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Book 2, "Eyes"

People say that the eyes are the window to the soul. I think that eyes are great, and beautiful parts of our bodies. I also think that making eye contact is an important part of speaking and vital to listening. But I think that the act of regarding eyes as windows to someone's soul comes from the heart of an author. Arguably, to the lazy author present in all of us that write. I say that because if you need to convey a thought, emotion, or reaction, but don't have the dialogue or character action to back it up, you can just say, "Her eyes reflected the kind hatred that was kind only for the sake of the men in the room." Or, maybe something like, "There was a deep wisdom in his eyes, deeper than the youth of an unborn, or the age of the sky itself."

I think it's sort of cheating, but I won't be foolish enough to resign myself from its use entirely. It speaks wonders to the value of our eyes, though, that we let this happen at all. We understand what someone means when they write an emotion into the eyes. We've seen it before, we know that emotions live there. Apparently, Past Justin knew it too.

(Organized for your convenience)
look into my wandering eyes
their movement unveils/uncovers my disguise

smell the stink from my eyes
and get a case of shying sighs

listen to my worried eyes
their speach tells you of hitting highs

Hear my stone cold hardened eyes
and block out all others stupid lies

taste with care my liquid eyes
and get a case of deadly dies (and start to live lively lives

Think the thoughts from my eyes
And grow your soul great in size


A little bit arrogant, thinking that paying attention to my soul will enhance yours. Sorry about that. I almost didn't post this poem, but I thought the use of the senses was a little bit clever, mostly because when you think of eyes you usually think of seeing.


life lies less lingering amongst happy folk

lives left lost and unloved yearn for illumination

lingering lives often lie loosing life

lilly pads love lustful Iluminance

Thinking thoughts thought once befor
eat upon a closing door

Heated hands heal the lost
Helping hearts hark the harold

Ridiculous spacing. I'm also not sure where that last bit came from. For some reason though, I'm certain it belongs. In regards to potential, I like the first, second, and fourth lines of the 'L' poem.

The 'H' poem is kinda neat, but I don't have anything to say about it, really. I wouldn't say that it's good. I guess the only reason I chose to put it up here was because of the way the second line sounds when you say it out loud.

I love reading things out loud. I love hearing things read out loud. I'm actually pretty partial to good voices in general. A good voice will get you far in my book.

I would like to cultivate a better voice, if that's a thing within my reach. What I mean in this context is speaking voice, not singing voice (though I imagine they might be similar). Maybe Google will yield relevant information.