Thursday, May 9, 2013

Book 1, "Ahh"

I'm graduating tomorrow, without a real job plan, and only a temporary source of income. I'm dealing with a lot, but even now I don't feel like how I must have felt to draw this picture.

I like this one, I think it's one of my favorite drawings from the Journal 1. There's a guy who is obviously not well, and it seems to be because of other people. I can't remember what was going on when I drew this, so I'm unable to offer any sort of awesome insight. I do however, think that I didn't know what to say (hence the lock in the mouth). The key in the eye is interesting, but I can't make too much of it.

So, like I said I'm graduating without a plan. Graduation is weird. I'm not surprised that I feel no different now, and don't think I'll feel any different tomorrow. High school graduation didn't have any sort of intense impact on how I felt about myself, or even my mood, really. Why would this be different?

It wasn't the graduation that made me realize that I was moving on or growing up. It was the actual moving on. The driving down to the University of Arizona campus, parking, going to class, and having a job. I wonder what will make me realize I'm advancing in life. Maybe it'll be moving, maybe I'll stagnate. I hope I don't stagnate.

I'm hoping to have a lot of time to write, and want to make that a priority. My plan is to write six days a week, and tweet the amount of words I managed to get down on paper. I want to do this so there's at least an illusion that I'm being held accountable to write every day. I'm sure there will be times when I'll provide a disappointing '0,' but I hope that doesn't happen too often (it will).

I imagine I'll also be tweeting other things, like when I throw up a blog post (which I'm going to try to make weekly, possibly bi-weekly), or quips. I was thinking of trying to write super short stories in 160 characters, and maybe I'll give that a shot, but I doubt it will end well. Twitter is freakin' weird.

Point is, I'm planning on being more active online. Journal 1 is coming to a close, and I told myself that I would post on Facebook that I have a blog (which I've been dreading) when I finish it. It could be the main reason I've not posted anything for like four months.

Anyway, wish me luck on keeping up with my writing and my posting. And with my life in general at this point, I guess. Thanks for reading.