Sunday, May 12, 2013

Book 1, "The Rest" (and the Transition Announcement)

So, the journal entry that fits today's post is kind of boring. I was in a high school band. My buddy Austin thought a teddy bear wearing a gas mask would be a cool thing to throw on some album art or something. These were my unfortunate attempts.

I realize that this, and a few entries posted before, are pretty boring. I also know that there will be some pretty boring ones to come if I keep this up. So, rather than drag the weight of this unsuccessful blog idea (which in large has been unsuccessful because I haven't advertised it at all, except for on Google+, which is like writing something down, locking it up in a box, and then burring that box deep somewhere on the ocean floor, only it's more likely to be found there than in the unfortunate wasteland that is Google+ [which I like more than Facebook, but unfortunately, it doesn't seem that the rest of you do]), I'm going to change it up a bit.

I'm still going to post stuff from my journals, mostly because I think Past Justin is pretty great, but I'll be writing about other stuff too. I've now graduated, and this needs to become a real thing. I'll write about my writing (sort of convoluted I realize, typing it out), the things I read/watch/play, and probably my life in general (I'll do my best to make it more entertaining than it actually is).

So, thanks for stopping by to check this post out, if not the rest of the blog. As a sort of hurrah for the transition, I'm going to post out the rest of Journal 1 here. Enjoy.


#5 says:
Silence may be golden
But silence drips
Silence flows and moves
and Silence swings and dances
Silence speaks things words cannot
Silence dreams and sleeps
Silence can be good and bad
Happy and sad
Silence may be golden
But who needs gold
(But gold is trivial)
(But noise is diamond)
(But gold can melt)
(But gold can corrupt)
But gold doesn't feel

I've looked at this one a few times since I had written it. I like it, though, if I wrote that today I think I'd get a painful torrent of criticism. Oh the advantages of being, like, fourteen.

#8 says:
Popsicles bloom in May
All clouds should look (be shaped) like lolly pops
The wolf should be pardoned for his actions

We look too much to other people for wisdom when we have enough of it ourselves.

I like the bit about the wolf, but don't know what to think about the statement dealing with wisdom. I know some pretty wise people.