Monday, August 13, 2012

Book 1, "A Silent Speaker"

I knew that some of my old stuff would be bad, embarrassingly bad, but I didn't really want it to be like this. I knew that I'd screw up on grammar and spelling nearly 100% of my old journals, and I still screw up often even today because journals seem a lot more casual than any of the other kind of writing I do. Well, I guess texting is a tad bit more casual, but journaling is definitely more casual than the majority of my writing. Anyway, here's another poem that's pretty terrible.


Make up on a pretty girl
A mask on a beautiful face
A Black sheet covers a magnificant face painting
A great terrific song is muted
A great athleate, Broken forever

And Make up on a girl
A mask on a face
A Tarp on a painting
A muted song,
A Burnt Book
Make up on a girl
A Tarp on a painting
A muted song
and a dead man
A silent thinker speaker
and a quiet thinker


I like the "A silent speaker/ and a quiet thinker" lines. They might redeem the page, but for the most part it hurts me to have written this. The idea has potential I guess. The thought of beauty being hidden. All in all though, Past Justin does not get a pass for this page. I feel like I was starting to crush on a girl around this time. Can't be sure though. I wish I had been dating everything so long ago, excited for when that picks up.