Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Book 1, "Every Drop of Rain"

In the post before this I was questioning whether I was love struck while writing the poem that found it's way onto that page of my journal. I definitely remember writing this one and I was indeed enamored by a girl. Every day of (about) the last two years of my time in high school I would text this girl that was introduced to me. Everyday I would wake up and send her a text reading "Goodmorning beautiful." She would then respond and we'd just keep up a dialogue the whole day. We never dated but she was a really good friend and there was a large part of that time where I was crushin' on her pretty hard. She did eventually get a boyfriend and my morning texts became frowned upon, so we stopped texting. I've run into her now and again and it's always pretty cool. We talked for a little bit recently and that was nice, good to hear voices from my past. Well, here's some poetry about a girl I mainly knew through my phone.


Every drop of rain ever fallen from the sky
could not judge how much I want
to be your guy.

It is you miss that I want to kiss
And this first kiss will be pure bliss

I hope not to sound meele? with the
words I speak

*Every shining star and glowing light
could not measure how much I want
to be with you tonight

Every rain drop drop of rain is a thought of you
Every grain of sand is a wish for two
Every Blooming flower, a dream come true

And Every night [in its own right / just so right / word I write] (Not a clue) every shining star and glowing
light could not measure up to how much I want wish
to be with you tonighte

And In this bliss
their exists one thing amiss
we have yet to share a single kiss

And even then
every word I pen
They are all for you, again and again


The only stanza that I'm alright with in Past Justin's poem is the 5th. Not to shabby, at least compared to the rest. I really have no idea what I was trying to do in the 6th. The "in its own right / just so right / word I write" part confuses me and no matter how I look at it I'm not 100% certain what I was trying to say. I think, maybe, that those parts would have gone with the "Every night" part that didn't make it to the final version. I like the verb "to pen." Maybe it's because I'm so often using the word "write" that any change is refreshing, but even here it stands out to me.