Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Book 1, "Love Wagon"

Terrible art time!

So I was crushing on this girl pretty hard, as evidence shows here and will continue to show for a little while still. This drawing was near the beginning of the casual hobby of lame artistry I have picked up and sustained to this day. Telephone Head as a character has existed ever since I started on my own path of self realization. That's really what he represents now and represented then. The phone is meant to convey a way of getting in contact with my inner self. (Side note regarding the picture itself, I'm pretty sure that the girl in the picture had a typewriter on her head because I was trying to find a clever way to represent the girl that I texted all the time)

Telephone Head left for a while, I'm not really sure when or for how long, but it was appropriate that I stopped using him. I say that because during this period of my life I wasn't moving forward on this path to find myself, I was quite stagnant. I don't regret the time because after I made a huge leap forward, and don't think I'd be where I am today without that time away from myself.

Here's the picture that marked the return of Telephone Head. You've seen it before if you've looked closely through the pictures on my wall.

It was around the time that I was leaving a pretty serious relationship, but going too far into that would be spoilers for some pretty abundant material that will find it's way here eventually. The text reads; "Don't worry, I have escaped and I am on my way... I'll be there soon."