Thursday, August 9, 2012

Book 1, "Imortals Never Die"

I just sold off a collection that I had been building up for the past three years and it was difficult. It felt like I was killing off a little part of my past. It hurt to look back through it (before I sold it) and ride the wave of nostalgia. Nostalgia is usually one of my favorite emotional experiences. It wasn't fun this time because while I was experiencing the nostalgia I was also putting myself in a place where I was making a decision to part ways with the past. It was difficult, but I made a good chunk of change. Just now though, I'm realizing that maybe it wasn't worth it. It's possible that just keeping the collection around to remind myself of what once was would outweigh the cash I got for it. I don't think it was because of the nature of the collection but it was hard. It's really nice to have these journals, I'm glad to have been keeping them because it offers me a rich source of nostalgia to feast on nearly whenever I want. Sometimes though, I'll read through my pages and come to one that I have absolutely no recollection of writing, like this one.


  • Creatures are gifted with wings
  • The imortal wing granters choose who gets wings.
  • Imortals never die, and rarely are seen by mortals, although they intervine quite often
  • Winged ones see the imortals often?
  • Floating, mysterious Island?
  • Shryks already have wings, nomadic, uncivilized, indians?
  • Black, creatures that make everything around them Black, people, eyes, horses, chairs the floor, everything black, and then they feast and move on.
  • White masses that constantly fight the Black creatures.
  • Tree cutters
  • miners

Not a clue what I was thinking. I didn't even get any sort of hint of remembrance while typing it out, which normally helps. Part of this seems like it could be a pretty neat idea. I can't really get over the fact that I wrote "Imortals never die." And not because of the misspelling of 'immortals' either, but because I felt like I had to explain it.

I don't really know how these "Creatures of the Black," as I think they should have been referred to as, fit into the train of thought involving the wing givers. I feel like it was a secondary idea that ended up trumping the original idea. I don't think this defines them well enough though.

I feel like these Creatures of the Black shouldn't really have a physical description. They may or may not be black themselves but because they are of "The Black" and it's not possible to tell if they themselves are black beings. They are creatures adopted by The Black. I think that very few creatures, if any at all, are actually birthed of The Black. The Black takes these creatures into it's possession and grants them this power, possibly cursing them from some perspectives. Their powers are dependent on the individual.

These white masses are a little different. I think they should be some sort of order that has learned to fight The Black. Fighting back with white in various forms. I picture these guys as white knights with awesome swords of great justice slashing through the sludgy/shadowy blackness trying to rid the world of the taint.

How tree cutters and miners found themselves onto the page confuses the crap out of me. Maybe that's why they were crossed out though.