Monday, June 4, 2012

Book 1, "Light and Tabs"

I had to start writing somewhere. I'm still finding my way and still struggling with the process of writing. I want to do it for a living but it is extremely, extremely daunting. Here's something from the younger writer, Past Justin.


You see a Floating mass among the clouds and to your left you see a large floating ship...
     "Ok men, we have them right under our noses, lets not screw this up" A dauntless man said. "For the league" the figures around him screamed in reply. "Ineo" shouted the man, And at that single word the figures began to bustle around.

Light from a full moon combined with a special stone gives the ability to control, flight, levitation, floatingness.
What does light from the sun do?


Obviously I wasn't a child superstar author with perfect spelling, grammar, and ideas that could juggle melting candles while playing the trumpet. Unfortunate, I know, but we all have to start somewhere and this is near my beginning. I don't think I have too much to say about this one. It's not very good. I went through a time where I started a lot of my works with "You see" or "You hear" or any of the sensory words that would provoke the reader to become involved in the story. I caught myself doing it though and I stopped. I didn't want to be an author that constantly, so brashly, placed their audience in the action. I wanted to, and still want to, place my readers in the action, but with more subtly.

As you will see when I begin to post more picture of my art, the sun and the moon appear a lot. I'm very interested in the idea of light and I think this is one way that that interest manifests itself. I still like the idea mentioned in the second half of this page. Soon I will be posting the beginning (I think) of a story that I wrote shortly after this. It will then become evident why this idea was written down here. I think it's kind of cool, light affecting things, changing their properties. An example being a planet with multiple suns going through day cycles which are much more complex than our Earth. Certain materials, plants maybe, then react to the light from the different suns (and moons possibly) differently, causing a change in terrain or gasses, or maybe the water on the planet. I definitely think that this idea, which seems kind of lame here, could be grown into one that doesn't suck. I think that's one of the benefits to going over these old journals more thoroughly than just glancing at them.

I also want to note that while I was transferring this I had to figure out how to include the tab that Past Justin used. I found out that the Internet hates tabs. I looked for the amount of spaces equal to a tab, experimenting on Word and Open Office yielded the result of 12 spaces equaling a tab. That looked awful. One answer that Google gave me was 8 and another was 5. I'm not sure what's right, or even if there is a right answer, but I have joined the Internet in hating tabs and just went with 5.