Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Seriously Though, Fire is Magic

I sat at a fire for about half of my night. Fire is the weirdest thing. No wonder wizards are so often paired with fireballs.

I've got the basics of a rule book for my game together. Working on pairing symbols to game mechanics now. Got smart and started using Google Spreadsheets.

Excel type documents have really thrown themselves into my life in a big way recently. They didn't even ask.

Staring at a screen all day at work makes me not want to at home.

I blended milk, bananas, and raspberries tonight. Didn't taste as good as the mango-banana-milk combo I had the other night.

Pasta, broccoli, chicken, and butter have become the ingredients of a very well liked meal.

I tried Earl Gray tea on Monday. It was okay. Would like to try some more kinds of teas.

Spent some time at Coffee X Change Monday and Tuesday. Nice place.

Seriously though, fire is magic.