Wednesday, October 2, 2013


I've stopped writing for now. I've run the idea by people, and no one seems to think it's a bad idea, which feels weird to me. I think it's a bad idea. I guess we'll see.

You can argue that I haven't stopped my pursuit of writing though. I have, and intend to further do so, used the time to read instead. Research, I guess. Trying to piece out what I want to do. Settle the two sides into a peace, hopefully with each other. Achieving a nice balance, I'm sure, is the way I'll come out of this alive. If one wins out over the other, more than my writing will be affected.

Insert a few minutes of trying to describe what I'm talking about. See that I gave up.

Trying to explain the tension has more or less resolved it, I think. I don't believe that this tension (between two things) is the obstacle I am trying to circumvent. The two ideas were basically cerebral vs primal or lighthearted vs serious. To entertain or to educate. I guess I talked about this in my last post. The greatest works will use both elements, I imagine, and I don't think this is what's keeping me from progressing.

Maybe it's because I don't have sufficient dedication or love for my characters.

Maybe I constantly progress toward a spiraling and complicated plot, that gets out of hand, and topples on a foundation that has rotted of edits (that needed to be made, or the weight would have simply been too much).

Maybe my idea of how stories relate to one another and exist together has complicated things too much.

Maybe I simply suck at motivation.

Anyway, I was planning on doing National Novel Writing Month this November (greatest month of the year), and so I figure I'll not write at all for the month of October, and then try my darnedest to bust out a novel in one month (the greatest month). I'm going to try to get through a lot of books this month, and do my best to learn from the authors. I'll do my best to keep Good Reads updated.

In my time away from books, I'll probably be trying to come up with characters and plots and settings.

This week's song is brought to you by Tj.