Thursday, June 13, 2013

Video Games!

I got Animal Crossing: New Leaf, and let me tell you, this game is ridiculously charming. It really is the same ol' Animal Crossing we have come to know and love, just with more stuff, and on a new console. It's been refined, though I don't believe it has been perfected. You can't send mail to people on your friends list, which I imagine is because of Nintendo's aversion to online interaction. The stores all in a line off the map is convenient, but I feel this organization lessens the uniqueness that makes your town your own. There has also been a three person limit imposed for inviting friends into your town. That's understandable (It's not Animal Crossing: Party), but I've already encountered a situation where the limit was met and we had to work around it.

The adorable cast is back with some welcome additions. You're the mayor, so while I complain about the shops being at the top, you're going to be able to alter your town more than you could in previous renditions of the title, gearing it more toward who you are. There's also more to do, more things to work toward, more people to help/impress, and now there's even more ways to goof off and not get anything done (in game or out). I'm definitely having a fun time with it, as I would expect with any Animal Crossing game. It's good to sit back and relax in this idyllic town that is Kicksvil.

It actually feels good to just sit down and play a video game in general. Definitely glad to be doing that again, and I'm still leaning toward streaming. In fact, I was planning on doing that with the time it took me to write this post, but then I started compiling this list of games from E3, and then I found some stuff that I didn't catch, and now like five hours have passed. I'm pretty sure I like thinking/reading/talking about video games more than I like playing them sometimes.

Anyway, games from E3 I'm interested in so far:

Third person shooter that sort of mimics a fighter.
A game about self exploration.
That great fighter (now with Mega Man, Villager, and Wii Fit Trainer)
An Elder Scrolls MMO. Some people are diggin' it, others aren't. I am.
A MMO that is obviously drawing inspiration from Jack and Daxter and Rachet and Clank.
Another game by the guys who made Bastion.
Even if two of the six characters are awful, this is the game that made me get my PS Vita.
Feelin' to me like a mix of Borderlands and Halo, but we'll see what it actually turns out being.
A beautiful looking dungeon beat 'em up.
I had to humble myself to pay attention to some coverage on the game, but I'm glad I did. This honestly looks like it could be fun.
An exploration-puzzle game that has some seriously beautiful colors/environments.
It's got a great art style, customizable weapons, and I can play it with my friends (if they're interested, of course.
The Moon Bear King has taken command of the moon. It's up to a headless puppet with some magic scissors to save the day. Presented as if it were a play. Should be good.
This makes the list because of the guy closing the police car door when he had to move by it. Not sure how I actually feel about the game, but that detail caught my eye.
I'm glad the SuperBrothers guys are doing more.
This team based game seems like it could be awesome, if you could get together the right group of people. You, and a few of your buddies, pilot a zepplin, and shoot down other people, who are also piloting their zepplin. There's different things that need to happen on the ship, and it's up to your team to make sure those things happen. I guess you could consider it a serious version of Space Team.
I don't think it really belongs on the list (or at E3) cause I'm picking up my pre-order on Friday, but I'm still pretty stoked about it.