Thursday, October 18, 2012

Book 1, "Crap!"

Hope is something special. There's a lot that could be said on the subject of hope, but Past Justin while writing the material used for this entry was obviously looking at hope in regards to wishes. Hope is the feeling that things will turn out positively. A wish is the desire for something. Generally it seems like hope is the word for optimists where wish finds itself closer related to pessimists, and their mode of thinking. After looking up the definitions I can say confidently that I don't use the two words correctly all the time. Often I use the word hope when I mean wish. Hope really is special, thinking that things are going to turn out well is an insanely positive mindset to be in.


I Hope
I hope so much
I hope so far
I hope so wide
I hope so many things
And I wished you love me


I'm not a fan of the poem. I don't think Past Justin really did the investigation into these two words any justice, but I'm glad that he at least began to take the two ideas into account. A revision I have crafted attempting to keep the idea of love involved with the notion of hope/wisdom looks something like this.

To hope is confidence
To wish, negligence
Around you I have only a lamp
and a monkey turned elephant

I hope you find that one better.