Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Book 1, "Liquid Dark"

Recently I got my hands on a nice camera for enough time to retake pictures of all of the previous pages and the rest of the book. They turned out a little dark, but the quality of the picture is much better than they were before and reading my terrible handwriting has been made easier (however it still may be impossible). I also recently got a smartphone, the Samsung Galaxy SIII, and I am having a blast with it.

The page I bring to you kind people today is quite lacking in text and in art.


Myth of Liquid dark


I really wish I would have expanded on this more. I have a vague idea of what I was going for, but I feel like time has worn away the concrete potential of this game, and transformed it into something more fluid. Well, previously it was shown that I had ideas for a liquid light. An ambiguous energy source that could make things float and power laser guns. I cannot recall at all, the properties of liquid dark, but I like that I introduced an opposing force to liquid light. Maybe it's super heavy and has the potential to power steampunkesque machines. Maybe it's closer related to oil. I guess it's wholly possible that I was thinking about space travel at this point if I hadn't already with liquid light. Maybe this liquid dark has some sort of connection with the whole dark matter subject floating around the science of astronomy.

I have been keeping up with writing in my journals after starting this log turned blog project, and I have to say that sometimes I feel like the stuff I'm writing about now is more like what I want to talk about than the things I find in this early on journal. I think that, but then I realize that this is a project between two people, Past Justin and myself. I shouldn't be so selfish as to take away his spot on the page, and so I'll just hope that his thoughts and mine start to convene here soon.