Wednesday, May 23, 2012

The Wall In My Room

I've recently had access to quite the amazing camera (at least as far as my experience with cameras leads me to believe). I figured that it might be a good idea to grab some shots of some stuff in higher quality, stuff not really out of my notebooks, but pertaining to it definitely. Just getting to shoot a few pictures with this piece of technology really made me want to drop some cash on a nice camera, which I might end up doing, but for now it's something that finds itself in the maybe department.

Anyway, I have been taping up some drawings that I have created over the years to my wall. These aren't all good, nor are they all of the lose leaf papers that have my art on them, but they have found their way to my wall, and I really like them. The friends that have seen them call them my "teeth drawings" because one of them pointed out that the sort of abstract nature of most of the pieces I have up there apparently looks like teeth to him. How he got that, I'm not completely sure, but teeth drawings they have been deemed and I'm not in any way offended by that. I draw for fun, not really all to seriously.

Here's the wall!

Right above this mass of taped paper there are three pages I ripped out of a book of poetry (that I own!). The center page has this quote on it.

"If we go to the movies often enough and in a sufficiently reverent spirit, they will become more absorbing than the outer world, and the problems of reality will cease to burden us." -Quentin Crisp

I like the quote and think that it says something very true. I enjoy reading, going to the movies, and watching certain television shows because they grant me an escape from this world. I heard someone say recently that the idea the people need, or want, an escape from this world is sad. I believe they were referencing their lives and how they shouldn't want to escape from this world, but that they should embrace it and make the best of what they have. I'm not going to lie, I think I lead quite the privileged life, and I am very, very appreciative of what I have and the people in my life. Even so though, I know that this world sucks, there are situations that people are in that are completely awful, much worse than really anything I have been in direct contact with. So if I, someone who can appreciate what I have and enjoy all that I have in this life, still find myself searching for an escape, how could I look down on these escapes or those who search for them?

I feel that I want to write Science Fiction and Fantasy because they are genres that really help remove the reader from their problems, or their lack of problems, whatever plagues them in this world. I want to write to help people, to give them the gift of escape and show them something grandiose. I also want my writing to improve the lives of the audience, to help them walk away from my work holding with them something that they can apply to their every day.