Monday, May 21, 2012

The Beginning

Approximately five years ago I started journaling, but to an audience.  It started out scattered, unorganized, but wholly fun. Over time it grew into a more refined practice, my entries became dated, my art was always signed, even journals were numbered for a while. It, to this day, has continued to be extremely fascinating and one of the best uses of my time.

Looking back on what I have written, drawn, and thought is one of the most enjoyable things that I experience. I love looking back to Past Justin for advice, for anecdotes, ideas, a cheery heart, and when I'm simply lost, he helps me find my way. Occasionally Past Justin writes directly to Future Justin but more often he writes to a general public. My journals have been intended for an audience, but have received none. I intend to change that with this small piece of cyberspace I have found. I will be scanning or taking pictures of my entries, translating my awful handwriting into text, and providing thoughts on whatever gems present themselves.

This is me holding the notebook where it all began.