Sunday, September 7, 2014

Comic Strips

I was hoping to have a first strip rendered in different styles here today. I've been working pretty hard on nailing down characters and a general idea of what's going on in a comic strip, and I think I've made some really good progress. I think I faced some major drawing improvements this week, which was pretty cool to see and feel, but I didn't realize that creating a strip is a lot, a lot different than just drawing characters on a piece of (digital) paper and throwing some words next to them (though it's not like you should throw that method out entirely or anything).

I really like my characters and I'm satisfied with the very loose plot I've got going on. More a stage for the strips to manifest than a plot, really. But this style thing is impossible. I thought I had a couple things worth giving a shot today, and I thought I would have the ability to sit down and refine them to the point where I could provide some rough examples here so I could get some input.

Alas, I didn't realize how things change when you have to deal with panels and character bubbles and sizing. And I knew I would have to be drawing the same stuff over and over and over again, but actually sitting down to do that definitely made me re-think a couple of the things I was thinking about doing style wise. I think even my simplest character renditions are too complex.

And then I got my new dishes in today, so I had to clean those. And I watched the first two episodes of Cosmos and the first three episodes of Caprica. So, my whole expectation that I was going to have the drive to sit down and churn out some quality items was pretty misplaced.

I know I come here often, and talk about what I'm working on or planning on doing. And I know that nothing really ever comes of it. And so I appreciate you still coming here, if you do, and kind of just watching me in the perpetual state of birthing ideas and projects and never really raising them. This'll probably be another one of those things, but I hope it's not.

And I guess saying that all my projects remain just born children (if they get born at all) isn't completely accurate. I've got a couple card games through the terrible twos stage. I guess I just haven't really talked about them after having reworked them into a state I like.

Anyway. Maybe I'll have something next week.