Sunday, July 27, 2014

The Unknown

So we thought that we arrived on time, but it turns out we were hundreds of thousands of years late. We don't know what happened. They were there already. They had grown in ways we had not intended. They were something new and something foreign, but it was us that had created them. We were their origin, yet we knew them not.

We saw that they had looked for us in every way that they could. They found us in the stars and in themselves, but what they found were pale, pale reflections of us. They were not accurate enough to hinder our arrival from bringing chaos and confusion, for our existence to not stir... unrest is too light a term.

We were unfamiliar, and their time alone conjured a fear of the unknown.

This was a rare fear for a people group functioning as highly as they had come to. Often now new life has a guide, a shepherd that teaches the discovered secrets of the universe. There is no reason to fear the unknown, for it is defeated. No reason for the learned, anyway.

It is a law that new life possesses this guidance. It is a universal law, and the universe will eventually undo new life, if us older species lack in our capacity or slack in our duties as tutors.

It is interesting that they persist and thrive when there is so much dissension among themselves. It does not seem that it is just the universe that is against them, but they are at odds with themselves. Perhaps this is the universe's way. Though we have no record of an unguided life group coming to the point of other worldly travel. Maybe the universe is slipping in her age.


It seems there is a pinprick in the universe. A small hole, not an infinitely dense bucket. We have not seen this before. This is knew and we have only disproven theories that will attend to this fact of existence. We will revise our archives and the data. This cannot be.


It seems as if something outside the universe has acted on this life. Has this happened before? How is this possible? What exists beyond existence itself? Were our teachers wrong when they taught us to dismiss The Origin? Will we question the knowledge that founds our everything? Is all we know to become unknit?


The size of a pinprick was an extreme overestimation. Nothing known can pass through this hole. We have studied this anomaly amid the self slaughter of what cannot be called our life anymore. It has been hijacked by something beyond. A being who seems to claim that it is the creator of all things. This being some worship, and this is how we know of it. Those that worship this being are in conflict with those that do not, and now do battle with us as well.

We see no evidence for this being, other than the strength of those that worship it. They are formidable, and the odds which are stacked against them seem to function in their favor unceasingly. A perceived win for us becomes a grander loss in time. We have adopted the life that rails against these worshipers, and are trying to guide them as we should have from the beginning, but it seems they have been tainted beyond repair, and while they attempt to assist us, they are overzealous and require too much energy to maintain. We intend to wipe them out completely, so our focus can be fully dedicated to this unique enemy.


How can something uncreated create? How can there be any beginning? There is no evidence in our universe that anything begins of nothing. All things are a cause to a prior effect. Our teachers told us that there was no initial effect. Nothing in the universe points toward a single beginning of everything. Time has persisted for always. The Origin is supposed to be a lie.

We have learned more about what our enemies claim this being to be, and while it seems unlikely that they reflect the full picture of this being or that we understand it, we are relieving ourselves of all doubt of its existence. We vastly outmatch them technologically, strategically, and even with sheer numbers, but we are losing.


We have attempted to destroy the planet completely and have failed of our own accord. The enemy had no apparent part in their salvation. This failure has left us devastated and their skies decorated with our debris. Aside from some traitors, none of our kind can be found on the planet's surface.


We have fled to our home system. Even this flight has not severed us from this being, however. Our own are turning against us, reciting words picked up from our enemies, and causing great destruction when acted against. This being has infected the minds of our people. We will disperse the detailed history of these events to those other forms of life, which have grown themselves with teachers, which hold to the ways we are currently abandoning. We intend to convey one message: We know nothing.