Sunday, January 26, 2014

Inside Llewyn Davis

I saw Inside Llewyn Davis yesterday. It was good, but it didn't inspire me to write as much as Her. I liked it, definitely. There was good music, good acting, Carey Mulligan (ranks in the top 3 of my gorgeous women top 10 list), and a good story. It was a tad disheartening, but I wouldn't have liked it as much if it wasn't. There was a solid spine of honesty inside this movie... Inside Llewyn Davis.

For those that have seen it, I loved Garret Hedlund's character. Basically everything about him, but specifically his exit from the movie, which was odd and great. Carey Mulligan's pissed off scene, well the one where they're walking outside (there are many), was very well acted. And the ending caught me off guard. I got that feeling where you're driving (or walking) around somewhere mostly unfamiliar and then you vaguely recognize some landmark and everything begins to fall into place and you suddenly have a pretty good idea of where you are. Then you realize you're not so sure that's where you want to be.

As far as songs go, I really liked Hang Me, Oh Hang Me, but I think my favorite was The Death of Queen Jane.

And of course, the cat.