Sunday, December 22, 2013

Just About Dreams (the Sleeping Kind)

I love dreaming. It's the best part about sleeping, and nights where I don't remember my dreams feel like a waste. I've liked dreams for a long time. There was a portion of my youth where I wouldn't remember my dreams, and it upset me. My brother, Cody, I remember would have these wild and colorful dreams, and he would recount them to me and my mother in pretty good detail. I was jealous. I still remember one about cats that were different colors.

I remember my mom said she doesn't dream in color, and I thought that was weird. I didn't think too much into it, and I guess I haven't really even thought too much into it now, but I still think it's weird. I try not to think too much into dreams. There might be something there, but there's not really a way for me to decipher it with any amount of accuracy.

I try to enjoy them for what they are, though I guess I can't really be sure what they are. My favorite dreams are dreams where I fly, as I imagine is the same for most dreamers. I realized the other day, that flying in my dreams is the same each time. I have the capacity to fly, but I have to touch the ground occasionally. I guess you could think of it more like Hulk jumps, but they're not as, uh, masculine? I don't know, but flying is great.

Usually that's what my lucid dreams become, just me flying about. The first lucid dream that I can recall still has a slot in my mind, and has a place in my notebooks. I became aware that I was dreaming while sitting at a long table, like one of those tables I imagine you would find in the situation room. There was a bright light down the long table, but darkness fell behind the seats. Everyone I knew or had ever known was at the table. It was long.

I had recently read about lucid dreams, and I think that might have been why I had one, or at least remembered it. I read that I should take control when I find myself in a lucid dream. Embrace the interactive nature of it and do something you wouldn't normally be able to do. So, I did the first thing that came to my mind. I shaved everyone's head.

Robots came from the darkness. They hung from the roof and were like large boxes with smooth edges that had many arms with razors and scissors and hair cutting supplies. They all went to town, and everyone that I had ever known was bald, and sitting at this table. Alright, I was sure I was lucid dreaming. Now what?

I created three things in front of me. A rubber piggy bank, a bar of gold, and a pencil. Then, I took the pencil, stabbed the piggy bank, and balanced it on the bar of gold. Then it floated off the table and spun slightly, cast in the bright light which was, I think, blueish.

Then the control slipped away from me and I woke up.

That's what I remember anyway. Apparently there was a balloon involved, but that I can't really place. Funny, that.