Sunday, October 27, 2013

Spaceship Dinosaur

Went test driving some cars yesterday. Mostly just Hondas. Actually, just Hondas. Two Accords (2008/2014) and a Civic (2013? maybe '14). I was going to go to Toyota too, and check out a Prius, but after driving the Civic I felt pretty done for the day. It's a really neat car. I like the way it feels drive wise. Mostly the turning. Also the dashboard.

The Accords were both awesome, of course. I think I might like the way they look more  It was really surprising to see how much of a difference the 5 years worth of car evolution changed the feel of the drive. Steering wheels are so much smaller now a days. 

The '14 was better by a lot more.

I hate navigation in cars. It seems to be impossible to find a well designed navigation interface. They all look so ill-developed, and it disappoints me. Especially for how much adding the navigation costs.

I'm definitely in the market for both new and used. Neither side has yet to win me over, but I think I'm leaning toward new. It's a little worrisome though, to put so much of my future money into something. It definitely ties me down, restricts my freedom. I don't like that. I like having options, even if I don't like making decisions.

So, leaning toward the Civic. I like the way the Accord (coupe) looks a little more, and it's slightly more comfortable to sit in, but there was something about the way the Civic drove which won me over. I think I should probably test a manual one, because that's probably the version I'll end up buying. Cheaper that way by quite the pretty penny. I just haven't driven a manual in a while, and didn't want to deal with driving a manual around the Honda lot when I was given the opportunity.

Anyway, here's a picture of a dinosaur or a spaceship or both.

I would drive this if I could.