Wednesday, August 14, 2013

While Watching, Broadchurch

I'm unaware of how long the link will retain the episode, but here it is. I'm going to watch and comment as the episode progresses. I'll throw up a time stamp in case you want to watch along with my comments, or just skip to the parts to see what the heck I'm talking about. In my comments, grammar is not a thing of import. Enjoy.

Broadchurch S1 Premiere Episode

2:45-Opening is pretty cool. Follows around a dude (the dude?) as he goes through his day saying hello to everyone. Definite small town/nice guy feel.
6:35-Beth is super attractive. Don't ask me why I paid mind to her name and not the dude's. The dude acted in Party Animals, btw. That was a good show. I like that actor.
8:38-Not feelin' Tennant's hair.
8:18-As she's running in that nice dress, I'm thinking things... Not those kind of things. Well, maybe a little. Mostly that she doesn't have her phone, and that she left her car back there, and that she doesn't have her keys.
11:22-Trainers... Her using that word sort of ruins the intensity of the scene a little bit :/
13:20-That guy looks familiar.
14:35-Interesting that they showed us that he was up there in the beginning, but now they're trying to sew doubt.
15:50-Poor Party Animals guy :( Poor Beth :( That dress is nice, though.
16:22-Classic long coat. Maybe not a classic rendition of it.
19:00-I need a haircut.
22:31-"Thanks for the 99." Yes. That was good. I liked that. Not sure if that's a common thing to say, but I hope it isn't.
23:19-Weird how people ask questions that go unanswered. Weird how people don't expect answers to certain questions. I think that says a lot about those questions. And those people. Just saw lightning outside.
24:27-I like that pan.
25:59-She looks older than 15.
26:40-Alright, maybe 15.
27:47-She just asked a question (and seemed like she expected an immediate response) to an answering machine. Normal behavior, I know. Still.
29:56-A little disappointed in myself about not using Google Alerts. They seem pretty useful.
31:58-I wonder what it's like to be a journalist. I imagine it would be hard. Difficult on the moral aspect of things. Detectiving things seems fun though. Not sure how much investigation really happens. Probably a lot, but what do I know?
32:28-Selfishness is a thing I'm seeing portrayed a lot recently. Orange is the New Black is stuffed with it.
33:31-I like how Beth said the word 'baby.'
34:36-I worry that if anything like this happens when I get married, any traumatic event or anything, that I'll withdraw into myself. I'm worried that I won't provide comfort to my wife because I'll be so distraught. I'm also worried that I wouldn't be hurt or tormented. My first instinct isn't to open up to people. I don't even think it's a second or a third.
35:48-What are you even supposed to say in these situations? What can you say?
36:25-Woah. That's what you don't say. I think I can figure that much out.
40:35-Woaaaah. Woaaaaah. Not okay.
40:39- Cool shot.
42:44-Dem footsteps.

Not terrible. I'm not really hooked though. The characters haven't really jumped out at me. I'm liking Tom? The victim's friend. He's interesting. Tennant's character isn't my sort of detective. Neither is the female detective that's good at looking sad. The morally fallible reporter has some potential, still don't know who he reminds me of. Beth is good. So is Party Animals dude, but that might just be because of previous exposure to him (if that's the case I don't know why that doesn't work for Tennant).

This whole small town aspect might prove to be pretty helpful to the show. The small exposure to characters which might be pretty big later on (Rory) was a good move. After pointing out the nature of the small town, I can't help but think of Twin Peaks. I bet this small town murder case is a trope that I haven't paid attention to before.

Well, I enjoyed doing this. If it isn't poorly received I think I'll do it again. Maybe with Broadchurch, if the second episode is online. Maybe with something else. I guess I'd take suggestions if there were any. No promises though.