Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Vicodin, Superheroes, and Audrey Plaza

I got a crown lengthening today. I was supposed to get it yesterday, but my dentist office isn't the greatest and gave me the wrong appointment date. It's possible that I put it in my phone wrong, but I don't think I did. I asked about the appointment before I keyed it in, and after.

Anyway, I took some Vicodin for the gums and I feel pretty fine. I don't feel too different. I expected to feel, I don't know something. At least it helped with the pain. I feel a little tired. I didn't write as much as I had planned on writing.

What did I even do today? I walked around Target for like two and a half hours. That was intense. I walked in to get my prescriptions filled, but stopped off to check out their shoes (I've been looking for new ones). I spent a good fifteen minutes there trying to pick between three pairs. Then I went looking for pens, and spent another fifteen minutes trying to pick out which package to get. Admittedly, I'm not sure that thirty minutes was well spent.

After that I went to the pharmacy (it was 1:33) and saw that they were closed for lunch. They take their lunch regularly from 1:30-2:00 every day. So, I walked around for another thirty minutes. Checked out some movies, almost bought Chronicle. Looked at some other stuff, almost bought scented candles, cinnamon roll Toaster Strudels, Disney Infinity, and printer paper. I should have bought the printer paper.

I went home after that, ate, and then wrote a little. Then Jack came over and we all hung out for a while, and Eric (another good friend who I only get to see every now and again) stopped by, so a night was made of it. We went to Heroes and Villains and Amazing Discoveries. I bought the tenth issue of Irredeemable, which is an amazing series, and I definitely recommend. Hans got the first Proof, which is basically about Bigfoot who wears a suit and is awesome. I think.

We played some Hero Clix.

I also read a pretty good amount of Snow Crash throughout the day, waiting for dentist appointment, writing inspiration, and turns. I've gotten to a point in the book where one character is basically steeped in conversation with another, and it's basically this awesome investigation into language and religion. Language is a weird thing.

I watched a few episodes of Parks and Recreation. Audrey Plaza is great. I feel like it's dangerous to continue watching the show. I might fall in love. I'll reiterate here that Safety Not Guaranteed is a great movie.

So that was my day. I should have bought those Toaster Strudels too. And Chronicle.