Wednesday, May 22, 2013

You Do Not Denote Yourself

-I denote.
-What do you denote?
-I denote myself.
-How do you denote when you define?
-I cannot define myself, for I am not always myself. I only denote.
-But you are always yourself, even when you may not seem yourself. You cannot be another.
-Who is this self, this self you say I also define? I would like to meet this self, this other self, this self you say is me.
-This self is the self you are when you say you are not yourself.
-That self is not myself, though. That self is another self, hidden highly on a dusty shelf.
-But that self is you, through and through, every word and misplaced fist.
-No, you see, those words and fists are not intended by this true-self self. Those things invade and crowd that self, and drown that self, and take it’s place entire.
-I see the excuse you make for yourself and your other self. I see the brand of comfort it provides. I see where the abuse and the soft lie reside.
-It is not a lie. It is truth. I cannot be the one that breaks the husband, I cannot be the one that takes the woman. I am good. I am honest. Those things I am, I denote. I do not denote destruction, only construction.
-Often construction denotes destruction.
-Incorrect. Construction is pursued by destruction, and it predates it.
-The birth of destruction can be argued. Your identity cannot. You are who you are, whether you depict it openly, or by consequence.
-You say I am not who I choose to be, but who my circumstances provoke?
-Are you not your truest self when you make a choice under provocation?
-Not when the path I choose is one unintended.
-Here, let me lay this straight, we are not who we want to be, nor are we who we are seen to be, but simply who we are. It has nothing to do with intentions or perceptions, it has to do with the truth of things. With what exists, and nothing else. What you want is only what you want, it plays a part in who you are, but it does not dominate. What you are seen to be is also a portion, but it too is not the core. The things you do, plainly put, are what you are in this world. That is yourself. That is yourself in whole.
-So, heroes that fracture are not of their name?
-Heroes that fracture still deserve their fame. Keep in mind, your actions make yourself you, but my actions make my myself me, and the actions of others make their selves them. With this in mind we can gauge the rightness of one’s kindness, their wickedness, and the value of their self.
-And that is why you say I cannot denote myself? Because I am the very definition of myself?
-That is what I say.
-If I do define myself, then I say I denote a definition with myself. I denote the definition of humanity.

(This post has been excluded from the Grammar Glory game because of poetic dialogue. Sorry.)